Are you a mediator who's ever felt perplexed by the complexities of insurance concepts and terminology? Do you find insurance-related disputes in mediation cases challenging to navigate? Join us for an illuminating webinar on "Understanding Insurance Basics for Mediators."

In this dynamic session, we'll guide you through the often confusing world of insurance, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your mediation practice. Whether you're new to mediation or a seasoned professional, this webinar will provide valuable insights into insurance's role in mediation cases.

📌 Key Takeaways:

✅ Gain a clear understanding of fundamental insurance principles.
✅ Explore common types of insurance and their impact on mediation.
✅ Master essential insurance terminology for effective mediation.
✅ Learn strategies for addressing insurance-related disputes in mediation.
✅ Navigate regulatory and legal aspects while maintaining ethical standards.

👥 Who Should Attend:

✨ Mediators seeking to enhance their expertise.
✨ Legal professionals involved in mediation.
✨ Anyone dealing with insurance-related disputes in mediation cases.
✨ Those looking to boost their confidence and competence in mediation.

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🤝 Group Case Studies: Explore real-life scenarios and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives. Sharpen your skills by tackling practical mediation challenges.

💬 Discussion Room: Connect with fellow mediators, forge a vibrant community, and exchange invaluable knowledge. Get answers to your burning questions and share experiences.

Don't miss this chance to level up your mediation prowess! Register today and dive into a wealth of resources to bolster your confidence in handling insurance-related mediation cases. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, this on-demand course is your gateway to success!

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This course is eligible for up to 1.5 CME hours. Mediators are required to self-report those hours at the time of their renewal.

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Learn Insurance Basics For Mediators

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