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When engaging with our Online Mediation Request form, we require essential information such as Company Name and Email. While additional details regarding the dispute (business particulars, dispute description, temporal considerations, language preferences, location, fee calculations, mediator preferences, and attachments) are optional, their provision significantly aids us in facilitating a streamlined mediation process.

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Our commitment to procedural transparency extends to the meticulous adherence to the Mediation Rules, and we encourage all parties to familiarize themselves with these guidelines, along with the Mediation Schedule of Fees, prominently displayed on our website. Should questions arise or additional support be required, our dedicated team stands ready to assist through the contact information provided below.

In the realm of personal information, our website, https://KnightMediations.com, seeks only the indispensable details of Full Name or Company Name and Email for prompt communication and registration confirmation purposes. Optional information related to the dispute may also be submitted, and rest assured, we treat this information with the utmost confidentiality, storing it for a duration either permanent or as dictated by prevailing legal norms.

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In the unfortunate event of a security breach resulting in the compromise of your personal data or documents, we pledge to promptly report such incidents to the relevant authorities for thorough investigation. Simultaneously, we will notify you, guiding you in fulfilling your responsibilities under the law.

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